Our Caring & Compassionate Veterinary Team!

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Rouge River Animal Hospital in Markham! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets! Please call us at 905-940-3627 to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members!


  • Dr. Campolongo

    Dr. Susan Campolongo graduated from OVC in ’82.  She grew up in Guelph where her family…


  • Anita on grass with two senior beagles

    Anita Korkolevics

    We are pleased to have Anita join our staff here. She has been working in a veterinary…

    Animal Health Technicians

  • Katherine Gauthier

    Katherine is a RVT and has been working in veterinary clinics…

    Vet Assistant

  • Angela with white dog

    Angela Ng

    Angela is a former high school coop student at my hospital that now is working part time.…
  • Jenna Davis

    Jenna is a former high school coop student at my hospital now working part time. She lives…
  • Default Image

    Michelle Lai

    MIchelle joined our staff in May 2017 working part time over the summer. She is currently…

    Animal Care Attendants

  • Ashley with two dogs on stairs

    Ashley Quan

    Ashley who was a co-op student here 2 years ago and is currently working here part…
  • girl and dog on porch

    Brenda Kuo

    Was a co-op student here this past year and now working part time.  She lives in Markham…
  • Michelle Kwok

    has been working for us here part time for 2 years now. She also works at Parker Pet Care.…

    Clinic Kitties

  • Cookie

    Cookie is the newest member of our furry family. She comes to us from one of Dr.…
  • Picture of Kenzi on cat bed


    Kenzi is now 3 years of age and is known for only having 1 eye. Her right eye was…