Jun 03 2016

June 4 is Hug Your Cat Day

Give your feline friend the biggest hug you can on June 4.
Here are 4 cat moves decoded.
* First: If a cat is lying down with its belly exposed don’t rub it. An exposed tummy is their way of showing trust. And is you touch it you are betraying that trust. You probably realized that the last time you went to rub and the cat attacked your hand. Instead give your cat a head rub or just talk sweetly to him.

* When a cat approaches you with its tail up it is saying “HI”. And you can say HI back by patting their head and back.

* When a cat rubs against you it is not a sign of affection. It is a sign of ownership. Your cat is spreading its scent. And whether you’ve been out all day or it’s the first time you are meeting the cat it is doing it so you will smell like them.

* You can tell a cat is happy if it slowly blinks. that means your cat feels safe. If you slowly blink back it will show the cat you are content and relaxed too. And most importantly not a threat.

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