Pet Heat Alert

By July 29, 2015 Uncategorized

With this July heatwave in full force we all need to be aware of the dangers of having our pets outside.  I know for myself with Summer we walk first thing in the morning and a shorter walk.  Given the fact that Summer is elderly is even more of a concern like it is in elderly people.  Evenings as well can be a better time for walking but again keep it shorter.  Of course lots of water to keep our pets hydrated like ourselves is important.

Of course dogs in cars is not advisable.  The internal temperature of a car can reach 85C even with the windows open and this can occur quickly.   Air conditioning in vehicles can help but again be careful with the time.  Our pets are much better left at home.  Our feline friends as well can be more heat adaptable but still can suffer.  Often pets like ourselves will eat less and not be as active.   Signs of heat exhaustion include excess panting, lethargy and vomiting.  Of course if any of these signs are noticeable, please contact the hospital right away.

There are various ways for our pets to cool off and enjoy this summer weather.  Who knew that kitties in kayaks would be a hit.  kitties in kayaks 014

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