No Lilies for Kitties at Easter

By April 3, 2015 Uncategorized

It is Easter time once again.  As always we celebrate with family this glorious feast.  We also celebrate with our pets.  We need to be aware that Lilies are very poisonous to our feline friends.  All parts of the plant- flower, leaves, stem are highly toxic and just one bite can cause very serious kidney disease.  Our recommendation is that is you do have a cat please do not have any of these plants in your house.  The hydrangea is a lovely alternative.  Further information regarding lilies and other poisonous concerns for both dogs and cats can be found at

Of course remember chocolate is also toxic to dogs so celebrate, have fun but remember to keep our pets safe.

Our hospital is closed on Friday April 3 but open regular hours on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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