Pet Insurance A Great Idea……

By December 3, 2014 Uncategorized

While pet owners must be prepared to take on the financial responsibility of maintaining a pet unexpected illnesses or accidents can take a toll on your bank account.  Especially at this time of the year when we are focusing on holiday happenings it is often difficult to budget for even preventive health care exams and vaccinations.  Pet insurance provides a sense of security for pet owners by ensuring that they will have help in paying for a veterinary bill.

Of course the type of coverage needed is dependent on a number of factors including your budget, breed, pet’s medical history , age and where you live.  Coverage is available in 5 categories including accident, illness, preventive health, death/burial and specially coverage.  There are excellent insurance companies in Ontario.  Most of the companies will allow a free gift of insurance coverage for 4-6 weeks time if a physical exam is done.  This is an excellent way to obtain coverage and look further into the programs.  We have information at the hospital and are happy to discuss this further.  Dr. Campolongo recommends pet insurance to all owners to allow her to practice veterinary medicine and to provided the best health care possible for pets.  Of course remember that the earlier we see your pet for illness, the better the outcome will always be.

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