Therapeutic Laser Therapy can make a difference

By August 22, 2014 Uncategorized

Adding laser therapy as part of a treatment regimen has been very effective and well received at the hospital.  Laser therapy involves increasing the light energy in the cells that are damaged and diseased.  It is commonly used in human physiotherapy protocols.   This causes an increase in circulation which flushes out toxins, reduces inflammation and reduces pain in a very calming way.   Treatment protocols are based on the condition and involve a series of treatments.  When Summer fell and broke her wrist last summer, we started laser therapy on her to help with healing.  Of course she also needed other treatment such as casting and a brace.  Laser therapy can be used for a wide variety of conditions such as joint problems, injuries, skin conditions and wounds.  It is not painful to our 4 legged patients and quite enjoy it.  Here is a picture of Tasha wearing the UV glasses that are normally worn by us.  photos 05120120924_124338

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