CO-OP Fair at FMM!

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Hi! My name is Brenda Kuo and I am currently a co-op student here at Rouge River! Recently  I was at my co-op fair and in a co-op fair you see a wide array of different careers that the other students have experienced varying from a fashion designer all the way to a veterinarian! It’s definitely something worth taking a glance at because you are able to see first hand on whether or not the student has liked what career they chose. I did my poster on the career of a veterinarian since it is my dream to become one in the future! Being a co-op student here at Rouge River has taught me a great deal and at times I’ve even reconsidered  wanting to be a vet but nonetheless my dream of being a vet still stand and is now stronger than ever! It’s going to take me a while but I’ll get there some day and when that day comes I’ll have reached my dream and be happier than ever!

On my poster  I have put the requirements needed to get into vet school and all the prerequisites that are needed!  It also contains the general information of what a veterinarian does such as treat and diagnose patients and give advice to pet owners. Also on the board are little tidbits of information facts and things that I have learned while  I was a co-op student.  Time management is key and you cannot let your emotions get the better of you.  Just like every other career in this world there are ups and downs but you have to take what you’ve got and do the best you can with it otherwise all that you have done will be for nothing!

This is a learning experience that I will never forget and it’s all thanks to Dr.C and all the staff here at Rouge River. Without them  I would still be lost and confused as to whether or not I still wanted to get into this field but now without a doubt  I know this is what I want to get into and I cannot wait!





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