Another Birthday at Rouge River

By May 31, 2014 Uncategorized
Kenzi with Vet Tech in office

Today is Kenzi’s 1st Birthday, our newest hospital cat.  You may notice she has only 1 eye now as she had the other removed surgically about 4 weeks ago due to severe corneal disease.  She no longer is in pain and can see just fine.  This is often done in chronic eye diseases as our pets can adjust  with just one eye.  It can take a little getting  used to but cosmetically it is quite acceptable.  Kenzi is accompanied by our staff member Madeleine who just completed her 3rd year in the veterinary program at Guelph.  Madeleine is from the Markham area but currently living in Guelph.   Dr. Campolongo is very proud of Madeleine who started part time work here 7 years ago at the hospital and then has pursued veterinary medicine as a career.

Happy 1st Birthday Kenzi.

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